Ordinary doesn't
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We look for people who aren’t afraid to take chances, who bet on themselves and do it with confidence. People that dream up big ideas and ways to execute them. Epic storytellers, nimble problem solvers, imaginative entrepreneurs and change-makers are all welcome.

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"Technology makes it all possible, it's the catalyst speeding our understanding, fueling our growth, and giving us an edge for over 22 years."

Jenny Just


Engineered to Excel

As a Software Engineer at PEAK6, you’ll work in a fast-paced environment where every day is challenging, yet also completely rewarding. The route here isn’t like one you’ll find at other companies. We’ve worked hard to design a program that gets you working on projects across all of our lines of business so you will make a quicker impact.  

Training Turned Up

At PEAK6, collaboration drives everything. You’ll be surrounded by some of tech’s sharpest minds and have access to them too. Our leaders are accessible and play an active part in your continued success. New possibilities are always on the rise and you’ll be able to work on a variety of projects.

Get Teched-Out

You’ll benefit from on-the-job training and real experience working with large distributed, high-performance systems developing in Java, Python, Go, JavaScript/HTML, and React. Plus, you’ll get exposure to database systems like MS SQLServer, Postgres, Redis, and MongoDB. You’ll also get to tackle tuning and scaling the applications you build using Docker and Kubernetes.


Trading, It's in you

Passion isn’t something that’s taught, it’s just in you. As a Trading Associate at PEAK6, we look for candidates who have passion. It doesn’t even have to be a passion for the markets, although that’s a bonus. Risk takers, problem solvers, curiosity seekers and creators are all welcome.

Let's Learn Together

Our trading program is vastly different than others you might have experienced. For starters, you can come in with zero market experience and in fact, we prefer it that way. We’ll teach you everything you need to know and along the way, maybe you’ll show us a thing or two. 

Trade Differently

The program is 1.5 years, but you’ll be trading long before that, you’ll also have the opportunity to lead a trading team in as little as three years. You’ll learn how to make big bets, manage risk, code in Python and even build a training tool in under eight weeks.

Good Stuff for Good People

The PEAK6 Effect

Jump in with both feet. At PEAK6, you’ll have the opportunity to work on this, that and possibly everything in between. You’ll learn about multiple disciplines and entities of our business, not only the one you applied for. All of this will help catapult your career in new directions, some you might not have considered.

Get Exposed

Who you’re sitting by could make all the difference. At PEAK6, you’re exposed to all parts of the business. With that exposure comes the ability and expectation to collaborate with others who have different skillsets than your own. Whether it be across the aisle or between departments, cross-pollination of ideas happens almost every day.

A Suite of Tools, Tailored to You

Whether it’s a software program you need or just a certain way you like your monitor to sit, we make sure you are set up for success.

Community Buzz

We’re always getting involved with groups outside the firm. We work within our community to further our knowledge, gain exposure, collaborate or build relationships. Here are a couple we work with throughout the year:

• Illinois Technology Association
• Built in Chicago

ideate, Create, Invent and Grow

At PEAK6, tech events happen regularly. It’s here where you can test out new ideas and concepts, then bring them to life. Our hackathons are sprint-like events where you will collaborate in teams to create usable new software or hardware into a fully functioning product by the end of the competition.

Our Core Values

We challenge the status quo, lead by example and trust that others will follow.

Act Boldly with Courage

We are financially responsible for everything we do. From our acquisitions and business deals to our employees and our every day.

Be Financially Responsible

We use data to find new opportunities and take calculated risks.

Be Data-driven

We always conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity.

Operate Ethically with Integrity

Collaboration takes us places we might not have been able to go alone.

Be Collaborative

We are curious without apology. If we’re not asking the questions, we’ll never get the answers.

Approach Every Day with Curiosity

We're Hiring

Dreamers, status-quo pushers and change-makers apply here. If you’re something different, that works too. Take a look at our open positions, there might be a spot for you.

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