Redefining what it means to be an investment firm

The PEAK6 Difference

Located in the historic Chicago Board of Trade Building, PEAK6 is redefining what it means to be an investment firm. We’re driven to see solutions others don’t and capitalize on opportunities others miss. We operate with a focused, entrepreneurial drive and push ourselves to think differently. This ambitious, visionary approach has helped us become the diverse range of successful businesses we are today, which include investments and businesses across a range of industries.
PEAK6 Capital Management

The foundation of our business, PEAK6 Capital Management, LLC is a proprietary trading business with a 20-year track record of success that provides significant liquidity throughout U.S. financial markets.

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Apex Clearing Corporation

Apex Clearing Corporation is a leading provider of clearing and execution solutions to the financial services industry.

PEAK6 Strategic Capital

PEAK6 Strategic Capital, our capital investment group, invests in debt and/or equity positions across a range of industries where our blend of capital and operational expertise accelerates business growth.

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National Flood Services

National Flood Services is a leading provider of technology-enabled risk & business process services for the U.S. flood insurance industry.



Founded on

a great idea

PEAK6 Investments LLC was created from the same ambitious, entrepreneurial culture that thrives in the firm today. Co-founders Matt Hulsizer and Jenny Just started their careers at O’Connor and Associates — a Chicago-based options trading firm with a particular specialty, and emphasis, on financial derivatives. In 1992, the firm was acquired by Swiss Bank Corporation. After the acquisition, Swiss Bank decided to head in a new direction. Entrepreneurs at heart, Matt and Jenny wanted to bring a different vision to life and decided to launch their own firm. And in 1997, PEAK6 Investments was launched. PEAK6 Investments became one of the first firms to develop sophisticated, proprietary technology, which more efficiently manages risk in the options market. This disciplined focus on risk management and technology has helped us achieve significant success in managing risk and making markets. From this singular focus, the firm continued to innovate, growing PEAK6 into a diverse group of thriving, successful businesses that now span many areas of the financial services sector.


PEAK6 launched two new businesses, looking to reach an entirely different set of investors. PEAK6 launched OptionsHouse — an online, consumer retail brokerage that delivered an exceptional combination of value and technology for active options traders. PEAK6 also launched PEAK6 Advisors, LLC — an SEC registered investment adviser.


Then, in 2012, PEAK6 expanded its operational expertise into the clearing business with an investment into Apex Clearing Corporation. By combining decades of experience in clearing and execution with PEAK6’s innovative approach to risk management and sophisticated technology solutions, Apex established itself as a leading provider of clearing and execution solutions to the financial services industry.


After building OptionsHouse into a thriving online brokerage, PEAK6 sold OptionsHouse to General Atlantic, a well-established global growth investor. Also this year, after growing PEAK6 Advisors’ assets under management to over $2 billion, PEAK6 sold its stake in Advisors to Joe Scoby, former CEO of PEAK6 Advisors.


In 2018, PEAK6 acquired National Flood Services (NFS) from Aon. Bringing together expertise in IT innovation, capital and broad operating capabilities, PEAK6 enhances the value NFS delivers in providing flood services and solutions.


Game On: PEAK6 enters the $138 billion gaming industry with the acquisition of Evil Geniuses. The alliance with Evil Geniuses allows PEAK6 to continue to lead with an unrelenting competitive drive and a desire to embrace today’s consumer through technology.


PEAK6 remains anything but your typical investment firm. Every day, our culture motivates us to seek out, and invest in, good ideas that have the potential of becoming great businesses. We’re always looking for ways to deliver untapped, exceptional value to the market.

Our Leaders

Our Values

Our culture isn’t for everyone. We don’t have a laundry list of fluffy values that sound good but no one really gets. It’s a short, focused list and embodies our essence. We live and breathe these values across the entire firm.
Peak6 Values

Why the name


Not surprisingly, the story behind the PEAK6 name began in the mountains. Matt was in Breckenridge, Colorado and inspiration struck. He recalled someone once telling him it takes 6 peaks to make a mountain range. He was drawn to this notion of peaks and how they can stand alone and/or work together to form something even more powerful. This perfectly represented the vision for the new firm. And with that, the PEAK6 name took hold. Interestingly, the peak that Matt used as inspiration for our name so many years ago opened to the public in 2013. They named it Peak6. And no — we had nothing to do with it. It’s just fate working its magic.