We're in
the business
of what
ought to be

The business of doing, creating, and building the world the way we see fit. We seek out the transformational opportunity, making it better, more useful, more valuable. At PEAK6, we activate what is into what ought to be through world-class technology, operational excellence and purposeful design.

About PEAK6

Rooted in trading,
growing through
an options-thinking

Headquartered in the Chicago Board of Trade Building, PEAK6 is not your typical investment firm. While trading got us our start and still powers our center, we quickly realized that our vision was to embrace and empower today’s consumer through technology, simplifying processes, improving performance and creating new wealth.

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Trading options
ought to be
more like

PEAK6 Capital Management leverages proprietary technology and a data-first approach to anticipate the needs of the market. Whether it’s a major financial institution or a retail investor, we’re ready to supply liquidity at a moment’s notice. So, when the markets move, we’re always here to help customers stay one step ahead.

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and custody
ought to be
with flexibility

The landscape of financial services is changing rapidly. And being able to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers is how we continue to move the clearing space forward. If you’re seeing a pattern in how we do business, then you’re on to something. It’s always about the customer. This approach is layered into everything we create.

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Floods are devastating. And it’s not just the damage they leave behind. It’s the steps you have to take to rebuild your life, long after the rain stops. Flood insurance is a complicated, regulated, 5.3 billion-dollar industry. While there is a lot of capital invested, the systems are complex, the process is long and it’s often tough to figure out where to start, that’s where we come in.

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flood Relief
ought to be

Evil geniuses
ought to have
the world, but
they would
rather take it

Esports has quickly become a thriving industry on the forefront of technology and innovation. Naturally, PEAK6 wanted to get in on the game and added one of the oldest and most renown teams to our roster, Evil Geniuses. We believe our athletes command and deserve as much support as the effort they exert. Our shared vision, values and ambition for dominance in the space has made for a partnership that is logical and natural. Together, we live evil.

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Our Core Tenets

We unapologetically dismantle and destroy the fully functional to create the fully realized.

Break it before it's broken

In the arena, we take big positions and make big bets. In the trenches, we do the unglamorous analysis that turns feasibility into reality.

Fundamentally fearless

Our fundamental valuation philosophy is built on the unflinching, rational logic of options thinking. Anything else is just interesting noise.

Follow the math

We seek to design often unconventional solves, that scale with meticulous management routines, absolute accountability, and operational excellence.

Radical routine

Not everyone will succeed here. But everyone who is here is given the opportunity to succeed.

We are not for everyone

We can get passionate about anything. As long as it makes sense.

Rational Passion