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About the program

The PEAK6 Trading Associate program is specifically designed to be different from other, more traditional, trading programs. Our program revolves around the core philosophy of accelerating practical application vs. extended theoretical (or classroom) training. We’ve worked hard to design a curriculum to get you trading faster.

After a short period of focused, rigorous classroom training, and you take (and pass) some industry qualifications exam(s), you’ll be given PEAK6 capital to begin trading on your own. You’ll have the freedom to make trades, try new ideas, and experiment with different strategies. You’ll also be able to work alongside experienced traders who’ll be there to help you develop and refine your trading skills.

The program isn’t for everyone, however. It’s tough. Success in the PEAK6 Trading Associate program requires passion, ambition, and dedication — but for those who make it, the challenge is worth it.

  • Immerse yourself in options trading theory and learn different option and derivative trading strategies
  • Potential to begin trading after a short period of time
  • Learn how to leverage our cutting-edge, proprietary technology to execute creative trading ideas
  • Interact directly with experienced traders who will mentor, guide and help you sharpen your skills
  • Get hands-on trading experience by experimenting with trading strategies using PEAK6 capital
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Life as a PEAK6 Trader

Think you’ve got what it takes? Become a PEAK6 Trading Associate and find out.
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