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We seek out transformational opportunities where we can invest capital and provide strategic support. We partner with people we believe in to support the growth of businesses that ought to be financed. Our permanent capital base enables us to invest patiently and independent of fundraising cycles.

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We invest globally across diverse asset classes, industries, and stages of the business lifecycle-from equity to debt, from growth-oriented to established companies, and from seed to turnarounds.

Our investment philosophy is primarily informed by our experience as operators. We leverage the intellectual capital accumulated across PEAK6’s businesses over the past two decades for our deal diligence and execution. We then bring the full breadth of our expertise to bear with our portfolio companies to increase the probability of our shared success.

Our flexible mandate enables us to adjust to changing market conditions and identify overlooked or under-appreciated opportunities that unlock long-term value.

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the people

Businesses have to start somewhere, and we like getting involved early. We invest in early-stage business models and, more importantly, in people we value. Being deliberate when we choose our partners lets us select ones that share a similar outlook towards innovation, technology and operational excellence – across industries.
In our growth strategy, we look to partner with ambitious founders who are rewriting the rules of their industry and looking for long-term capital partners. We are not traditional investors and we believe companies are defined by more than their bottom line. Their people define them. It’s the people who operate a business, identify opportunities, manage resources, execute on strategic objectives and combine creativity with sound judgment. We aim to take a board seat in our growth strategy investments. This approach lets us be in the best position to support our portfolio companies in these endeavors.
Our value strategy employs an event-driven, value-oriented style with a focus on small and mid-cap equity markets. We seek to identify situations where we anticipate a catalyst will unlock value. Our goal is to deliver superior returns with limited market exposure.
We apply the same rigorous, value-driven approach to our credit strategy as we do in our equity strategies. Our goal is to generate stable returns with a low correlation to the market. We provide financial flexibility while specializing in direct lending and opportunistic private credit investing to borrowers in the United States.
We look for opportunities to complete buy-out transactions of companies that underutilize technology. Our focus is on industries that have staying power but need a tech or process overhaul. We also make sure to choose businesses that align with our skillset. Our acquisitions are made at an attractive purchase price, and we seek to unlock value through automation and operational rigor.

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