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The foundation of our business, PEAK6 Capital Management, LLC is a proprietary trading firm that provides significant liquidity throughout U.S. financial markets. Through sophisticated technology, disciplined risk management, and continuous innovation, we have earned a 20-year track record of success. See for yourself how the intersection of trading and technology in a fast-paced, collaborative environment can make for a rewarding career.

Trading Careers

The path to a career in trading isn’t always an obvious one. In fact, some of our best traders weren’t planning on becoming traders. They had plans to be engineers, consultants, mathematicians, economists, investment bankers, or work on another side of the financial world. What they did have in common, however, was an insatiable curiosity, an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to win. They’re problem solvers and analytical whizzes who love taking calculated risks and beating the odds.

As a successful proprietary trading firm, we offer incredible opportunities for smart, entrepreneurial team players. We give you the training and the tools to put your best ideas into market. We encourage innovative thinking and reward fresh ideas. Most importantly, we give you a chance to grow, learn and build a successful career surrounded by incredibly smart people who love what they do. Plus, it’s exciting and thrilling, because no two days in the market are the same.

Tech Careers

The financial industry isn’t the first place most software developers and engineers look for a career in technology. But the financial world has emerged as a leading industry for innovative, breakthrough technology solutions. Investment and trading firms now rely on incredibly sophisticated, leading-edge technology to stay ahead of the markets and power their businesses. There’s more opportunity than ever for brilliant minds to revolutionize the industry with brilliant solutions.

Technology is at the core of every business here at PEAK6. Developing the level of technology we need to run our businesses requires wildly talented software engineers, and we pride ourselves on giving our software developers incredible freedom to explore innovative solutions and try new ideas. Every idea, opinion and objection is heard. We collaborate and work together to find the right solution to our business’ incredibly difficult challenges. For those up to the challenge, the rewards are real. Here, your work will matter and your efforts will have an impact.

Our Leaders


PEAK6 Capital Management (CapMan) is a unique trading firm operating in its own way. The CapMan Core Values are what we look for in our traders because it is these values that make our traders — and our firm — successful.

CapMan Core Values

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